Wine shop

In 1877, “Winegrocery” was founded as a retailer of alcoholic beverages, soy sauce and salt just like general liquor shops at that time. But in 1975, we decided to concentrate exclusively to wine. Since then, the quality is always our priority.

To ensure prime quality to the customers, we became one of the very first to introduce temperature controlled cellar to realize best condition of wine. We have invested a lot and still are investing for our selection of wine to meet the requirements and provide pleasure to our customers. We are very proud of our long experience of wine selection which is recognized as our specialty.

Today, we have more than 3,000 different wines in stock selected from all over the world mainly from Champagne, France and Italy.
We will be very pleased to welcome you in our shop.

Qualified staff may help you to find wines to please you. You can also find cheeses of our selection which arrive every week in ideal condition to be enjoyed with wine.

Various beautiful wrappings are also available for the gift. We accept various credit cards.

tax free Kyoto wine

Main Points of the Duty Free System

  1. ・All items can be purchased at stores exclusive of the 8% consumption tax under certain conditions.
  2. ・Items can be purchased duty-free by foreign tourists and other temporary visitors.
  3. ・To purchase goods duty-free, a passport or other forms of identification must be presented to the store.
    The shop will attach a Purchase Record Sheet to your passport or other forms of identification.
    This must be presented to customs when you leave Japan.

How To Apply for Duty-free Purchases

  1. 1.Are you going to use the duty-free system?

    Caution: Application to use this system may take time.

  2. 2.Do you want to buy all of the goods as duty-free goods?

    Caution: Expendable goods must not be consumed in Japan if purchased as duty-free goods.

  3. 3.Present your passport or other form of identification.

    Passport, crew landing permit, emergency landing permit, landing permit due to distress

  4. 4.You are applying for a duty-free purchase since the purchase falls under the category of a duty-free sale.

    Caution: If purchased general goods exceeding 1 million yen, a copy of your passport or other form of identification will be made.
    Please wait a moment while the shop makes a copy.

  5. 5.Please wait while the shop prepares a Purchase Record Sheet and Buyer Pledge

  6. 6.Check the following details before signing the Buyer Pledge:

    - I hereby swear that the purchased goods shall eventually be taken out of the country and not disposed of in Japan.
    - I hereby swear that expendable goods shall be taken out of Japan within 30 days.

  7. 7.The shop has attached the Purchase Record Sheet to your passport or other form of identification.

  8. 8.Provide Purchase Record Sheet to customs when you leave Japan. Make sure you do not peel off or lose Purchase Record Sheet.

Expendable goods are packaged so that they cannot be consumed in Japan. Do not open packaged goods before you leave Japan.
Goods consumed in Japan may be subject to taxes when you leave Japan.

Passengers are not allowed to bring wine on airplane as carry-on baggage even if tax exemption has been completed.

Those who are not allowed to apply for duty-free purchases:

  • Those without a clear stamp showing the date of entry into Japan
  • Those who have spent 6 months or longer in Japan
  • Those working in a Japanese office
  • Those whose purchase is below the minimum sum required for a duty-free purchase

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Credit card VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AmericanExpress, DinersClub etc

Adress: Karatsuya-tyo528,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Tel: +81 75 841 3058
Open-Close: 11:00~19:00
Regular holiday: Monday


Japanese Wine

We also carry various high quality Japanese wines too, such as Toriibira-imamura, Grace wine, Chateau Sakaori, Domaine Mie Ikeno, Manns Wines SOLARIS, Rue de Vin and so on.
In addition, if you purchase those Japanese wines, they come with beautiful Japanese wrapping called “Furoshiki”, which is square shaped cloth traditionally used in Japan to wrap and carry items.  “Furoshiki” itself is also good for souvenir as well.

Internet shopping

In 1999, “Winegrocery” started Internet shopping so you can enjoy wine shopping in your convenience. You can enjoy wine shopping as if you were in our store with all of our recommendations and information about wine which will help you to find what you are looking for. We also send latest and valuable information by e-mail magazine. You will not miss the opportunity to get special wines for your wine life. Please subscribe from our web page.

Wine classes, Events

“Winegrocery” offers various tasting and wine classes for your wine life. In a friendly atmosphere, you will discover your preferences and have new experiences with a glass of wine in your hand. Please do not hesitate to join us. Let's make wine journey together.